Tracy Hines Studio

Welcome to Tracy Hines Studio ( This is now my art page. My hair portfolio at can be seen now at Beautifulhairbytracy on Instagram

My art, hair and makeup have been entangled my entire life. I grew up in my mothers salon and loved the creative part of it. I would pour through her fashion magazines and taught myself (plus my mother's artist's knowledge as guidance ) how to draw people's faces from a very young age. This also led to learning to do makeup and hair for others. My world growing up went between artist brushes and the makeup brushes and hair tools.

All through high school I studied art. Upon graduating I attend cosmetology school and have had a career spaing over 30 years. I studied art at UNH, Currier Art Center, New Hampshire Institute of Art and several private classes with different teacher through out the state. Most recently over the last few years I've done online with Mati Rose McDonough and Rebecca Sower. I was an aid for my son's art teachers at the Seacoast Charter School (Art & Music charter), Taught art classes and was on the art committee board for the gallery at Main Street Art, Newfield NH . I look forward to teaching workshops and private art classes soon.

Through my art I find calmness and happiness. I love to bring the beauty of nature, people and everyday objects to my canvas' and paper. Drawing lose realism to abstract's and playing in diffrent mediums like watercolor, acrylic , pastels, markers are only a glimpse of what I use to create my art work.

2020 is the year that I move my art from a side hobby to a business that I can't wait to grow into and see where it brings me.

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