Tracy Hines Studio

          My  hair, makeup and art  have been entangled my entire life. My mother's salon provide many creative opportunities and inspiration growing up. I became obsessed with fashion magazines at an early age . Purchased my first Seventeen magazine when I was 10. I would spend hours  putting makeup on and styling hair on myself or friends, and learning from these magazines that I would pour over. And perfecting my drawing and attention to details of faces using pencil or paint. 

 30+  years experience in the hair and makeup field I still love what I do. Working with other creatives on photoshoots brings me great Joy and passion.  Working with brides and their bridal parties is fun and such an honor to be part of their  very important day. Photos last forever. 

 I continue my education with hair and makeup classes online or in the classroom. Life long learning  is my motto. I truly believe if you want to grow in your life then you need to learn that being uncomfortable is part of the process and great things can happen from there.  

My work ethic is strong. Paying attention to details is a big part of who I am and what I do. Clients deserve to feel comfortable and confident in my work when they hire me. This attributes behind the chair, in the salon, on location for wedding and special event services or  on set for photography shoots. 

My work has been seen in several issues of New Hampshire Magazine Bride ( 1 cover),several issues of  New Hampshire Magazine (1 Cover), Seacoast Bride, Where Women Create, Work

You can reach me at . I would love to talk to  with you about your wedding day or an editorial projects you have coming up that we could work together on.

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