Tracy Hines Studio

          My art, hair and makeup have been entangled my entire life. I grew up in my mothers salon and loved the creative part of it. I would pour through her fashion magazines and taught myself (plus my mother's artist's knowledge as guidance ) how to draw people's faces from a very young age. This also led to learning to do makeup and hair for others. My world growing up went between artist brushes and the makeup brushes and hair tools. 

I have over 30 years experience in the hair and makeup field. I love working with other creatives on photoshoots and working up ideas and making them become reality. 

 I contuinue my education with hair and makeup to stay up to date and create modern looks or vintage inspired. 

I have had my work published in several NH magazines as well as international. 

I am also offering fashion and beauty illustrations and services. Follow my Instagram accounts- Tracyhinesstudio for my hair, makeup  & fashion illustrations and Tracyhinesart for all my other type art work that is not related to fashion and beauty. 

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