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Welcome to my blog. I’ll be sharing tips for hair & make-up. I’ll take you behind the scenes of photoshoots and share my love of all beauty things and how to embrace yourself and become a stronger  women. Beauty starts from the inside. My favorite part of my job is when my clients come in sad and tired and leave happy and up lifted. There is an amazing thing that happens when you do someone’s hair and can touch their heart and help that client feel empowered. 

I’ve been in the beauty business for a long time. I’ve been practicing for almost 29 years now but I’ve been in a salon literally since I was born. My mother had my play pen in her salon and her clients use to pass me around. If you’ve ever seen the movie Steel Magnolias or Beauty Shops that’s what is like growing up. My moms salon was in our house and there were always clients there. I would sit for hours watching my mother do her weekly teases, sets, perms , colors and cuts. I got a great education before I even stepped into hair dressing school. I learned a lot about human behavior in those formative years. 

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s so it was all about the cloths and big hair. I got a lot of my fashion style from what was going on in Europe and music bands. I was a huge fan of MTV ( when they actually played music videos 24/7 ).  I also taught my self how to draw fashion illustrations from Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Seventeen magazine. It all ties into hair & make and the industry I love being part of. Its always changing but really now its reinventing. Pretty much anything is a go now. Flat hair, curly hair and even the mullet is coming back ( Somethings however should never make a come back.) 

I think in this industry you always have to be upping your game but you do need to look back at the past so that you have a great foundation. Education is key and also people skills. Consultations I think will make or break and appointment. I listen to my clients fully and will even repeat things back. I will also clearly ask questions so that there is  no miscommunication. My idea of a red might be different then the clients idea of red. There are hundreds of shades of red out there. I also show them on my comb exactly how much I’m going to take off. Most the time the client will look at the ruler and say oh “You can take more ,” or “oh less then that” . Lots of problems can be inverted with a great consultation. 

So thank you for hanging out and look forward to sharing more with you. 

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